AFFECT – WORM x Amarte final show

interdisciplinary night
Festival - Sat 14 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:00
End → 23:55

Worm and the Amarte Fond have created a six month residency to support interdisciplinary creators who explore unconventional and progressive ways of making art. Join us on the 14th of October and explore what the artists have been working on during this artistic adventure.

Starting with Nadia Bakhshi and Sabine Pendry’s emotional radio piece Nóstos, we will travel through song, text, music, and collage, aiming to arrive at a destination that might no longer exist. The artists produced a sonic and theatrical experience fit to describe, express, provoke, and soothe the fractured postmodern mind, while reflecting on themes of nostalgia. If living in the past is anti-progress but forgetting is inhuman, is there still a goldilock zone between the past and the future for the modern soul?

How does the transformation of rice translate the cycle and entanglement of birth and death, fertility and decay? Through this metaphor, we are again calling the past to find answers for modern questions. This time, Kexin Hao will introduce us to Chinese folklore and the art of rice pounding. “Forceful Catering” is a choreographic and musical performance growing out of the East/Southeast Asian tradition of preparing sticky rice cakes (mochi). During the performance, the rice pounding utensils will transform into instruments, bringing out a clubbing experience and after, a catering service to the audience. The "Forceful Catering" is created by Kexin Hao in collaboration with 10_r3n and Marie Komatsu.
Early version of “Forceful Catering” was developed in V2_Lab as part of Summer Sessions at V2_ in 2022.

At the end of the night we will enter the in-between space of Marta Worner and Nikos ten Hoedt. Dark Grey Almost Black is a project that combines dance, a DJset, experimental video, semi-installations and text. It is at the same time a reflection and a surrounding experience of both the ritualistic and the physical aspects of clubbing. They will play with the boundaries of performativity and blur the line between what is arranged and improvised.

Join us on this journey on the 14th of October and explore the collective memory through sound, movement and the manifestation of emotions.