9% by Rico Dyks Day 6

free exhibition
Art & expo - Sat 11 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 15:00
End → 19:00

Who or what are the 9%? Explore the possibilities at Rico Dyks’ solo exhibition, where a painterly approach intertwines with mixed media to contemplate the pursuit of belonging in our data-driven world.


Opening: 2nd May – 18:00 – 22:00

Other days to visit the exhibition:

03, 04 & 09-11 May – 15:00 -19:00

9 % of mine is yours.
9 % of yours is mine.
9 % of people are left-handed.
9 % of all trips made in the Netherlands are done by bicycle.
9 % of people globally suffer from diabetes.
9 % of people globally suffer from extreme poverty.
9 % of a year is a month and 2 days.
9 % of people reach their New Year’s resolution.
9 % of men struggle with substance use disorders.
9 % of the time spent on your phone is on the toilet.
9 % of Europeans are French.
9 % of the population of the Netherlands is 75+.
9 % is the percentage of my favourite beer.
9 % of global internet traffic consists of bot traffic.
9 % of the world’s food production is wasted each year.
9 % of the global GDP is spent on military expenditures.
9 % of the global population lacks access to the internet.
9 % of Europe’s containers are handled by the Port of Rotterdam.
9 % of men experience some form of sexual dysfunction.
9 % of these might have been made up.

The "9%" symbolises the convergence of fact and fiction—a delicate boundary in today’s saturated information era. Through digital connectivity, we navigate a labyrinth of algorithms, blurring the lines between data, reality, and our human connections. Rico Dyks explores this ambiguous realm in his solo exhibition, infusing it with colour to reestablish our connection to nature and foster a sense of belonging.

Through light and playful images filled with detailed drawings, he portrays the links between humans and the environment, focusing on the themes of kinship and love. These paintings present an alternative to the landscape of contemporary city life, where overwhelming advertising, everyday problems of mundane tasks, or bureaucratic requirements and detachment play a central role. At times, the artist’s process departs from a feeling of being placed in a lost and found box, knowing where one might belong or have belonged in the past but unable to get out of the box. The presented body of work, consisting of installations and paintings, celebrates acts of sharing, connecting, and performing, while also probing the methods through which we engage in these actions. Within the exhibition "9%", Rico Dyks creates a harmony of these forces, impossible without the audience and their collaboration.

Rico Dyks, born in Voorschoten in 1997 and currently based in Rotterdam, graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in 2020. His artistic focus revolves around the interplay of self-perception and interpersonal dynamics. Using acrylics, oils, spray, or pastels, Dyks employs various painting tools to infuse diversity into his paintings. Beyond painting, he incorporates costumes to craft immersive environments, aiming to captivate the viewer entirely. Drawing inspiration from personal trauma, bodily sensations, and dreamlike introspections, Dyks’ work invites deep contemplation and engagement.

Instagram: ricodyks