UBIK RESIDENCY: Laurie-Anne Jaubert

WORM is showcasing Laurie-Anne Jaubert, a Belgian hybrid artist, during a two week residency in our UBIK performance space, where the artist will explore the way in which an installation can become a performance. The initial installation consists of an assembly of transparent fabric, projecting generative 3D-animations based on sound, and vice versa. During her residency Laurie-Anne hopes to correct and improves on ways her installation can engage the audience.

The overall experience takes 20 minutes and uses visual and sound fables. The performance will be open to the audience during the following days:
2nd May 2024, 20:00-20:20 & 20:30-20:50
3rd May 2024, 20:00-20:20 & 20:30-20:50

Accompanied by the artist and her floating luminous creatures, La Lumitérale is an abstract, imaginary fable. An intimate visual and sound journey on the edge of the visible, the tangible and the virtual. It’s an invitation to contemplate and reconnect with our imagination.

“With light you have all these questions about something you can’t touch but it reveals the space. For me, light is the beginning of the perception.”

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About the artist: Laurie-Anne Jaubert is a digital media artist and WORM’S artist in residence from April 24th to May 8th. Inspired by the subject of perception, in particular light.   Her practice emerges from questioning the human condition in its great diversity, which she approaches from the angle of identity, be it individual or collective. Her research questions how the digital sphere has modified our perception of the world. Central questions in her practice are how technology alters our relationship to reality and how it shapes our social relationships.

Artist website: http://www.laurieannejaubert.com/

Watch full interview here.