WORM x SPIN – Tune In: Exploring Conflict Expression

In July 2023, WORM and SPIN (BE) collaborated to host a workshop centered on conflict resolution within the realm of queer and feminist collectivity. This event saw the exchange of invaluable tools and strategies among our speakers and the attendees who gathered with us at kunstencentrum BUDA.

Mark your calendars for November 19th when WORM will unveil the audio documentation of this teach-in, broadcasting from 3 to 5 pm Radio WORM

The broadcast includes insights from all actively involved participants, the mediator Aline Bauwens, Karina Dukalska co-creator of the community-driven project Creatives with Unseen Disabilities, the compassionate social healer Lucas Johnson, as well as the perspectives of writer and activist Olave Nduwanje. The broadcast is created and edited by Ash Kilmartin.

Central to the teach-in were fundamental questions such as: How can we navigate moments of conflict while staying connected within our communities? What tools and strategies do we have to express our pain and hurt to each other without putting ourselves or the collectivity we so urgently need in danger? What modes of expression and listening might help us to learn and heal? How do we take conflict with us as we move forward together?

Organised by Marnie Slater, James Parnell and Laura Deschepper.