Lookback: Electric Umbrella #8

Finally, finally, The Electric Umbrella picked up again, after a slightly too long summer break.  WORM welcomed you back to exciting improv series! And, as usual, there was an impressive line-up with performers from far away, and from around the corner. Stepping into a new adventure, live, with their audience and with each other. Pianist/multi-instrumentalist Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili (see photo) created the framework for this and played a solo set herself as well.

Dorothy Carlos is an experimental cellist and sound artist performing and improvising with processed cello and electronics to oscillate between etheral trance and noise. She is based in Chicago. Listen to her latest album, Circuit Spectre, here.

Bakudi Scream is the primary artistic vehicle for experimental electronic and movement artist/musician Rohan Chander. His work explores gothic, science-fiction storytelling as rewriting of personal and shared histories. In his performance, various avatars pursue the romantic and the gruesome; The Architect Prince, somnus, HINDOO, and FUTURANGEL tell tales of hackers and lovelorn heroes breaking and restructuring within new ecologies.
Rohan Chander was here last year September, too; he had just won the prestigious Gaudeamus Award! Now he is presenting his first solo album, Final Skin, where you will hear influences of hyperpop, classical, avant-garde improvisation and video game scores.

Duo Michiel Teunissen en Henk Bakker – twee klarinettisten van verschillend allooi maar wat ze gemeen hebben is een lange muzikale geschiedenis in de experimentele regionen. De eerste speelt contra-altlarinet en hangt daar de nodige effecten omheen, de tweede speelt basklarinet en combineert dat met allerhande live electronica en software. Or – acceptance of the low: horns, frequencies, income, morale, expectancies, fidelities!
Hun duo album Rattatatat [​[​Demo Tracks​]​] is te beluisteren hier:
(“rough edits, rough cuts, mostly for demo purposes”)

Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili is an interdisciplinary experimental artist born in Switzerland and based in Rotterdam since 2021. Already during her studies as concert pianist she was dedicating her research and activities into contemporary, experimental, electronic music. Soon she started to compose her own music and concepts for other musicians. Her Duo with Niki Neecke Berlin/Basel and her collaborations with Alex Buess Basel and Pauline Oliveros NYC were initiating moments of her being and doing.