Lookback: Electric Umbrella # 5

WORM heeft zich weer op de kaart gezet in Impro-land met Electric Umbrella, een serie live-muziek avonden één keer per maand op de zondagavond. Met ook deze keer weer een avontuurlijke line-up, muzikanten die we graag zien en horen vanwege hun originele eigen geluid, en die zelf ook het avontuur aangaan met elkaar en met het publiek.

WORM was back on the map in Improv Land with Electric Umbrella! A series of live music nights, once every month on a Sunday night. Again, as always, with an adventurous line-up, musicians we love to see and hear because of their original, personal style, and who like some adventure themselves, in playing together and with the audience.

Duo of Philipp Ernsting on drums and Arvind Ganga on guitar.
Shards of noise, drones, rock, kraut, stoner, raga and free jazz are mixed up on the spot into a pulsating universe with a strong flow yet without clearly recognizable rhythm or steady beat, stacking layers where timbre and sound trump melody and harmony.

Philipp Ernsting: Innovative percussionist active in the Rotterdam improv scene and a busy session musician. Philipp plays in a number of bands, projects and records for film. He tours intensively with his many projects, including Albatre, Acid Folk five, Doctor Schnitt and Anticlan, is involved in the modern dance scene for years, and released multiple records on labels such as Cleanfeed and Creative Sources. Arvind Ganga is fascinated with raw sounds that he wrenches out of his guitar using improper techniques, a bunch of objects and a simple reverse effect. Regularly plays throughout the Netherlands and abroad and released music on labels like Orbit577, A New Wave of Jazz and Flaming Pines.

Carina Fernandes
Carina Fernandes is a multidisciplinary, creative hurricane – known for her bubbly personality and raw Rotterdam sound. Her art is created from a sense of necessity, as it is her call of freedom. Creating has been a way to reflect, understand and to survive. As an ART-ivist she expresses through Spoken Word and R&B/Soul, simply sharing her journey through life and deconstructing social themes and taboos.
Through her platform Verbalism she organizes (international) cross-disciplinary events where the emphasis is to empower and connect (Q)BIPOC creators.

Margje Ottevanger
“Margje doesn’t sing, but turns sound into a journey through timeless time and endless space,(…) moving past fields of associations, a different layer of my consciousness, images I thought I’d never seen before, as if having a vision while being wide awake.” (Look)

Margje Ottevanger started playing guitar at 10 and took up singing and playing piano at high school. She graduated in Pop Singing at Rotterdam Codarts Conservatory. Courses in dance improvisation, butoh and theatre broadened her artistical horizon. Her personal development included the study and practice of mindfulness, taoism and tibetan buddhism. She is keen to create from a deep sense of connection to each and every being, plant and stone; deep listening is part of her interest and skills.
Margje is a member of free improv ensemble Hatching as a singer and flute player. She loves to inspire students in singing classes, meditative sound concerts, workshops, and by choir conducting.

Vanita Monk
Vanita Monk (born 1944 in Hoge Veluwe national park, Netherlands) is a visual and performance artist, musician and writer currently based in Rotterdam. Her seven-decade musical journey has been one of ongoing sonic radicalization, from classical piano to elemental vocals and industrial guitar noise. She regularly collaborates with her partner Johanna Monk, notably in the feminist noise trio Boterklontje (with Linda Nijboer), and the improvisational projects Monk, Ernsting & Monk (with drummer Philipp Ernsting) and Oxygen Tank (with percussionist Friso van Wijck).