GreenScreen Residency Open Call

What does your ideal collective cinema look like? How does its organisation work? How is it financed and what is programmed? If you ever thought about creating a cinema that’s not just a place to watch movies, but a whole new experience: continue reading!

Introducing the GreenScreen Residency – a space where our collective dreams of the ideal cinema come alive. With the participants, we will share our experiences, follow workshops, and co-create a plan for the realisation of a collective cinema. Next to a shared love for film, we will particularly focus on how we want to work together, as the series aims to reimagine cinema as a cooperative endeavour. Sources of inspiration are practices such as deep democracy, sociocracy and post-growth entrepreneurship, but also concrete examples like Studio/K, Neverland Cinema and TimeWindow. And, most importantly, our collective experience and expertise.

We will come together each Friday afternoon in October (6, 13, 20, 27) to discuss four themes: collective organisation, programming, finance, and space. Each week, a guest speaker is invited to give us some fresh perspectives. Through different workshop formats, we try to formulate and reflect on how each theme would work in the context of a collective cinema. Since the residency itself is already a collective enterprise, we will also reflect on our own process of building a collective. These reflections will be bundled to serve as a source of inspiration for other collectives or people with the ambition to start one.

We aspire to foster a dedicated team and therefore ask that you join as many sessions as possible. We also hope that you join our vision to take the project forward beyond the residency. This is step one of an ambition to collectively realise a collective cinema in Rotterdam.

Who should apply?

We welcome individuals who are keen to explore novel and unconventional ideas within a collective framework. No specific background or expertise is required—diversity of perspectives is highly valued. If you know about money stuff, movies, organising things, or anything related, that’s a bonus, but don’t worry if you’re not an expert. The application deadline is September 1st, 23:59. We will contact participants 10 days after the deadline. If you have any questions about the residency, you can contact

About the organizer

“My name is Erik Vermunt and I have a background in film and (public) TV, working mostly as an editor (see Over the years, I have become more and more interested in the process of how we work together rather than what we make. I’ve spent some formative years working at Studio/K in Amsterdam, where I experienced how a different organisational structure can boost autonomy, creativity and entrepreneurship. This residency combines these different experiences as it offers the opportunity for a start. A start to building a community and dreaming big, together.”