Radio WORM on the Road

(Inter) National

Radio WORM has always been an entity that physically travels outside the Boomgaardsstraat, finding likeminded organisations and making radio with them. It’s the Open City made manifest, but in reverse and on the air.

While the rest of WORM renovates and rejuvenates this August, Radio WORM’s Ash Kilmartin has been documenting key underground festivals including Braillė Satellite in Lithuania and Haldern Pop just over the border in the Rhineland, Germany. She and her Ever Widening Circles cohost Linus Bonduelle expanded WORM’s Baltic connections, dropping into Palanga St Radio (Vilnius) and Tīrkultura (Riga) for guest shows, building on Ash’s appearance with WORM colleague Richard Foster on Tallinn’s IDA Radio earlier in the spring, when she reported on cutting-edge showcase, Tallinn Music Week.

Earlier this year, an expanded Radio WORM team appeared at Rewire in the Hague as a broadcast partner; and later in the autumn, WORM welcomes back Mutant Radio from Tbilisi for a multifaceted collaboration.

We’ve pulled out one example from Braillė Satellite, below, but the rest are findable by clicking this link.

“Radio WORM Goes To”, by Radio WORM | Mixcloud



Closer to home (just down the road in fact), Radio WORM colleague Lieuwe Zelle has been busy setting up camp for the summer break at the Kunsthal’s open atelier, All you can Art.

The Kunsthal’s  annual summer programme, in collaboration with the Institute of Bueno Bista (IBB) in Curacao, brings together art enthusiasts, talented artists, and the local community for an enriching and cross-cultural creative experience.

Radio WORM oversaw regular – and irregular – live broadcasts; hosted by Heather Beveridge, Gerson Kronstadt, and Lieuwe, sharing what’s going on at the museum, including plenty of music and “found sounds”. 

Read more about All You Can Art (in Dutch) here!