On Friday 25th of March @ RE#SISTER x Happy Accidents

Our WORM audience will have the pleasure to see, touch and hear our amazing album that 12 members of RE#SISTER worked on in 2021. It is a unique design: the necklace contains a USB stick with the complete album (12 tracks, 2 hours of music!), graphic artwork and lots of pictures of the making process. The artwork and liner notes were also printed on 13 cards.

On the album you will hear various approaches to music-making, from solos to small group collaborations, whether composed, improvised, or both, and even a conceptual sound art piece.

This beautiful wearable album will look good on you, or on anything! It was designed by RE#SISTER member Johana Molina and completely hand-made. Materials: stainless steel wire and hand-painted papier maché, containing the USB-stick. The resistor as an electronic component is an obvious choice for RE#SISTER: they are about sisterhood and resistance, a protest against power mechanisms in the music industry.

The makers were: Lucija Gregov, Mariëtte Groot, Ginger Haasbroek, Tig Harutyunyan, Tisa Neža Herlec, Suzana Lascu, Johana Molina, Johanna Monk, Vanita Monk, Linda Nijboer, Marty Ydema and Mojca Zupančič. You can listen here and see more pictures on the RE#SISTER Bandcamp page.