The Teaser of Solid Maybe is here!

Solid Maybe Teaser

The new dance performance Solid Maybe by the Rotterdam collective Teddy Shouldn’t Smoke will premiere on Friday, October 22! Solid Maybe is a raw performance about fear and anxiety. Choreographer Marijke de Vos brings the audience to an abandoned underground parking full of visual effects. Three dancers, three students and three children masterfully unveil how we humans, deal with fear throughout our life.

Language no problem / Duration: 60 minutes

Premiere Date: vrijdag 22 oktober 2021
Early Performance: 17:00
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Late Performance: 20:30
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Location: Katshoek Garage

Solid Maybe will play for two weekends!
You can also see the performance on 23, 24, 29, 30, 31 of October. On each date, we host an early show at 17:00 and a late show starting at 20:30. For more information visit our agenda page.

Interview with Marijke de Vos | Solid Maybe Choreographer