Richard Foster – Personal Statement

Richard Foster. Photo by Masha Kunina.

My name is Richard Foster, and I have been working at WORM since July 2015 as PR and Communications Manager. From August 1st, 2021, I will be taking up a new role at WORM. I will become Coordinator for WORM PR and Programmer for Live Music, Talks and Radio.

I take over these aspects of WORM’s Programme from Jan Hiddink, who leaves WORM at the end of July 2021. I want to put on record my respect and admiration for Jan, for the brilliant job he has done here.

In terms of mission, from late 2021-2022 onwards, I will focus on acts of all persuasions who shape modern, forward-thinking music and spoken word. Those who set the Zeitgeist. Our talks programme will be expanded and diversified over time. And, together with my colleagues at Radio WORM, we will push what “radio” can be.

Another goal is to build a sustainable and “green” booking policy. The world is changing in many ways. The gig circuit has to do more.

I will be reaching out to Dutch partners in other cities: a new time for “Rotterdamse Amsterdamse Freundschaft”? Creatives in places like Deventer, Eindhoven, Groningen, Tilburg, Leeuwarden, Den Haag, Nijmegen, Breda, den Bosch and Voorhout are on my list.

As an Englishman in the Netherlands, I also want to use my role to develop WORM as a place for those musical souls crushed by Brexit and those who feel disturbed, unwanted or scared by other regimes in Europe. I am keen to make a bridge to the cultural borders of the EU. When COVID and other related travel matters are brought under control, I will do my best to help here.

I have long-held, specific ideas about what I want to do. WORM is a very special place in the cosmos. The Music Industry is on the cusp of more change. Believe me, over time I am not going to just “book bands”. But when we have the “new stable” I will bring in breathtaking, wild exciting and inspiring acts. I promise.

Richard Foster, July 12th 2021.