Radio WORM Makers: Rockhouse Radio with DJ Wanneer

Rockhouse Radio with DJ Wanneer is the weekly religious music radio show on Radio WORM. “What I present is mostly non stop religious music. When possible there will also be guests in the studio. The interviews will be conducted with nonstop religious music blasting. This is a purely happy musical event. When possible Rockhouse Radio will be open for all dancers/movers.”

Wednesdays: 20:00 – 21:00 on Radio WORM


DJ Wanneer is also known as Jacco Weener, entertainer, HI-NRG deejay, illustrator, theologian, free social worker, organiser/hustler, based between Rotterdam Zuid, and Scheveningen-Duindorp. Weener is part of the reli no-wave gospel band, Cantos Deus. Previous bands are many and lost in the mists of time, but include Gul Night Out. An author of multiple illustrated booklets. Researcher of mystic mood spaces and Christianity.

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