OPEN CALL for video works!
Attention, WORM wants your weird.

12 March; a date that has a new meaning now. It marks the beginning of the first Dutch lockdown. A year later we are commemorating this extraordinary time with My Pandemic Year, an online film screening for video works dedicated to your experience in a time of Covid.

Are the camera or animation software your best friends in reflecting, documenting and creating?  Have you made videos during the lockdown which you want to share with the world? Then this open call is for you! Tell us your visual story in maximum 2min and 22 seconds.

The call is open for any film genre. Send your submissions before 1st March 2021.

This year to date has been marked by pain, uncertainty and loss, all of which is still processed until the present. But we have also seen resilience, care and rest become leading factors in the lives of many. Our new curator Henrietta Müller created this open call with the idea to have a collective space to share our experiences and investigate how this time in isolation has impacted our creative juices.

ONLINE SCREENING EVENT: 12th of March 2021, 19:00 (CET)

Your videos will be part of a special online screening on 12th March itself. A few of the makers will also be invited to join a discussion panel. And a really nice bonus for everybody who submits is a Cultfilm goodie bag from our Pirate Bay Archive. We plan a  night where filmmakers and visual culture lovers will get together and celebrate their creativity in a time of turmoil. Storytelling is an empowering tool that is accessible to all. Let’s see how we have used it in these dire times.

Submission details:
Send to: via Wetransfer.
Deadline: 1st of March 2021 midnight
Duration of the work: max 2:22 min
Video format: mov or mp4
What to send: Video File, Your name, website / social media account if applicable, please include a short description of the film or a story related to it.
And let us know if you would be interested to participate in
an online Q & A session after the screening on the 12th of March, 2021