Eurofuturism: The Europartij

The policies of the Europartij!


  • Humanity is in transition, subject to globalization and digitization.
  • Wars, radicalization and climate-change threaten our very existence.
  • Refugees and migrants seek a safe haven.
  • Traffickers take advantage by using deadly methods, and routes.
  • Solutions will not be forthcoming via the current political interests and machinations.
  • There is one big obstacle that stands in the way of all sustainable solutions.


  • Originally created through arbitrary land distributions and numerous wars, the notion of a nation state is a major obstacle to reshaping modern society.
  • Nation states are old-fashioned, thwart innovation and are unable to protect us from major corporations, serial tax evasion and climate change.
  • In Europe we have a shared history, a story that unites us as Europeans.
  • That does not mean we do not always agree with each other.
  • The Euro Party celebrates the strong regional solidarity from people who cherish local differences and customs.
  • Together, we can organize our energy, our taxes and our security.
  • That is the Euro Party for a unanimously divided Europe  / a united divided Europe.


  • Two hundred years ago, the Netherlands was a democracy.
  • Voting rights were extended to all citizens; including women.
  • This democracy has brought us many benefits over the last two hundred years, such as freedom of expression, security, legal rights and the protection of privacy.
  • But democracy is subject to inflation.
  • Our political system is paralysed by partisan politics, media-overload, and a dumbing-down culture.
  • Going to the polls has become a meaningless chore; one that props up a fragmented, unwholesome political arena where compromise and behind-the-scenes bargaining rules the roost.
  • This system is outdated and needs replacing.
  • Our privacy is not guaranteed, security is becoming more uncertain and our leaders no longer lead, but slavishly follow a public opinion set by media corporations only interested in order.
  • Therefore we say: ABOLISH our democracy.
  • We propose a directly elected government and parliament on the basis of drawing lots, a process which embodies a true reflection of the people.
  • If this happens, political parties can no longer function as job machines for backbenchers, and we will no longer suffer the “short-termism” of the lobbyists.
  • The times we live in are in need of serious long-term decisions and therefore we deserve better than our creaking Social Democracy.
  • A democratic state based on fair drawing of lots, direct involvement of all citizens, and social media.
  • That is the Euro Party for a unanimously divided Europe  / a united divided Europe.


  • The right to education is our highest law.
  • The chance to become a better, smarter person is incredibly important for individual development. Not just for children and adolescents, but for everyone.
  • Education, science and knowledge help form the basic, underlying principles of our society.
    Yet our education and research systems have foundered, and the pursuit of knowledge has been perverted by new objectives.
  • These objectives are essentially bureaucratic, and focused on number crunching and arbitrary valuations.
  • Teachers, lecturers and professors have no say in the matter.
  • Pupils and students have become victims of the labour market, and end up in debt.
  • The “knowledge economy” has become an introverted, autistic system based round questions of rank, competition over publications, side jobs, commerce and vanity.
  • Therefore we say ABOLISH our education.
  • We are for a simpler system with fewer school types, more vocational training and the disappearance of the higher education system.
  • We want more money for teachers, and basic scientific research.
  • Less time for commerce, publications and useless research.
  • In a civilized country no-one should begin their working life with a student debt.
  • That is the Euro Party for a unanimously divided Europe  / a united divided Europe.


  • Once there was a time when all care was available and you just went to the doctor or physiotherapist.
  • But waiting lists began to appear.
  • Suddenly, the concept of “own risk” was introduced and the free market got a foothold in healthcare.
  • As if there was a real market there, waiting to be exploited!
  • All the while a health care system developed that was a grotesque manifestation of all that is bad with systems: bureaucratic, dull, impersonal, incomprehensible, unfair, and impenetrable.
  • Therefore we say: ABOLISH the health insurers.
  • Let’s start by arranging good health care through proper and fair taxation.
  • We keep costs down by limiting the powers of “health specialists”, tax levies on the pharmaceutical industry, planning for better home care and cutting out bureaucratic nonsense.
    We will be freed from all the commercials that ask us to “step up” to a higher level of service, and just pay a standard premium based on our income.
  • That is the Euro Party for a unanimously divided Europe  / a united divided Europe.


  • Refugees are, and always have been, a fact of life.
  • Throughout the course of history whole tribes have left their native lands, often leavig many dead behind.
  • Some seek adventure whilst others seek sanctuary from danger.
  • To this day people seek safety; fleeing from political dissent, difficult circumstances, war, the depletion of their country’s resources or the threat of rising seas.
  • Here in Western Europe, our wealth was largely built up from waves of threatened fortune seekers, such as the Huguenots, Flemings, Italians and the Chinese.
  • And who has not had a wall plastered by an Eastern European handyman or had their house cleaned by someone from the Mediterranean?
  • Therefore: ABOLISH integration.
  • Because: who has to integrate, and where?
  • Integration encourages snobbery, segregation, discrimination and is ethically nonsensical.
  • Rather: choose to adapt, gradually and cheerfully.
  • Why should we not enjoy the benefits the Greeks or the Syrians bring?
  • That is the Euro Party for a unanimously divided Europe  / a united divided Europe.