News: 27-1-2017 Hajo Doorn + The Big Festucatio


Oh No!! It’s time to say Gutbye to our Creative leader Hajo Doorn. Hajo has worked miracles in making Rotterdam fun und niet-normaal again. It’s a truly Happy Loss, so #TeamWORM celebrated with cake und frites-modern und Fuck You Frikandels until at least Half Twee.

In Hajo’s own words…




BUT THAT IS NOT ALL!! – Get primed and anoint yourselves with SWEET OILS for

La Big Festucatio

….on the 10 March 2017 AT (After Trump).  THAT is when WORM will celebrate the inauguration of new CEO, JanPier Brands with Krayzee WORM antics and a bus full of Frisians!! Totale Hoch Kulturkampf! More details soon!