News: 22-2-2018 Join Natalie Sharp and celebrate the body!


Natalie Sharp is a British artist moving between disciplines of sound design, performance art, face and body make-up, costume en stage design. The human body is her main subject, how this can be transformed, how it relates to space and architecture. Architecture as in: building but also deconstructing.

She will be WORM’s guest for only 4 days AND perform with her band Lone Taxidermist on RE#SISTER and she’s ready to connect with people who are interested to build, play, design and perform with her. She’s amazing, so grab the chance if you can, it’s free of charge but there’s a limit to the size of the group.

contact info below.

PART 1: 7 March (afternoon and early evening) + 8 March (daytime, evening)

Will be dedicated to „The Deconstruction of Trifle” and result in a collective live performance in WORM on the evening of the 8th, during RE#SISTER. Watch the video to get an idea!

Activities include:

– building inflatable structures and costumes

– body painting

– learning how to involve the audience in the performance

– learning how to involve the space(s) in the performance

PART 2: 9 March (afternoon and early evening) + 10 March (daytime)

Plans are to include:

– turning the body into a musical instrument

– sound experiments

– vocal explorations

People are welcome to participate in both parts or stream in at any point. Experience or equipment are not necessary, just bring your curiosity and an open mind!

WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam