Thu 8 Mar '18 - Festival

Mama Cash & WORM present: RE#SISTER!

International Women's Day at WORM


18:30 Opening exhibition  –  20:30 Start live programme

A varied, powerful and colourful evening with short talks, live concerts and performances, expo, body art, pizza and cigars. Featuring: Miranda Driessen, Victoria Shen, Non la Decadence, Lone Taxidermist, the S/ASH GA\\ERY and DJ Evelyn Rae.

The themes for this edition of RE#SISTER are: How can we bring more diversity in the music industry? And what are the mechanisms that define who is successful or not? Who gets the gigs, the grants, the reviews? We feel feminist action is needed and we welcome you, whatever you are, to think, talk and act with us.

Sophia Seawell will be the host of this evening. She works at Mama Cash and writes about issues of race, gender and diversity in the culture sector. She will discuss – with our guests and everyone that feels involved – the present and possible future situations in the music scene. And we’ll have – of course – three very special performances, an exhibition and a great party to celebrate the power of music, the voice and the body.

Miranda Driessen is a trained classical singer, musician and composer, very much at home in the world of Dutch composition. She has a strong personal view on the way the contemporary music scene is structured at the moment, and wants to share that with us.

Victoria Shen is a multimedia artist and musician from the US whose music/sound performance features analogue modular synthesizers (Flower Electronics), contact microphones, and other hand-built electronics.

Non la Decadence is Rotterdam’s figurehead of queer culture. They and their crew of genderclowns will do a short performance dealing with sense of space, freedom, respect and awareness.

The Lone Taxidermist is the project of Natalie Sharp from the UK, an extraordinary artist when it comes to songwriting, producing, body art, stage and costume design. In her amazing Trifle Show (a mix of performance art, video art, DIY synth-pop and post-punk deconstruction), she will involve local artists, and the audience in a really mindblowing experience. Get ready for ..a glutinous exploration into the dark online culture of sploshing, crush fetish and cake sitting,”

S/LASH GA\\ERY will present an new expo: PIZZA CIGARS and ART on this day. Entrance to the expo is free! Find out more here..

Sophia Seawell is Communications Associate at Mama Cash, develops workshops on gender and sexuality with SexMatters, and has published pieces for DJBroadcast, Subbacultcha, Bitch and Bluestockings on issues of inequality and diversity in the culture sector.