RESIDENCY: Eli Gras (GR) 2016

Eli Gras is a multidisciplinary artist who has been active in underground circles since the 1980s. Gras is known for making her own instruments. WORM and the Doctors Klangendum asked Eli to make a radio play during her residency at WORM Sound Studio between 18-24 April 2016. She has an active and interesting blog that you can access here.

Eli Gras Special on Dr Klangendum 157
14 september 2016 from midnight.

We nodigden geluidskunstenares/organisatrice/musicus Eli Gras uit om een radiostuk voor de Dokter en het Radia netwerk ( te maken, en een tijdje in de Worm studio te vertoeven. Ze maakte het radiofonische stuk Xylotheque en we vulden het programma aan met andere liederen uit haar zoo rijke repertoire.


Eli Gras – Xylotheque
Pelayo Arrizabalaga & Eli Gras – Duplicat – Gggggg
Eli Gras – legs-hairdresser-01
Eli Gras – calixto
Eli Gras – baby elephant walk
Pelayo Arrizabalaga & Eli Gras – Duplicat – Lllll
OBMUZ: Alain Wergifosse (electronics), Quicu Samsó (drums) & Eli Gras (bass and guitar) – TheDudeTape
Pelayo Arrizabalaga & Eli Gras – Duplicat – Aaaaaa

Eli Gras: “I was kindly invited to do a residency at the WORM, to develop a work related to the idea of a hypothetical psychology of furniture. I tried to create a communication, a sort of language amongst them in relation with the human world, one that evolves and spreads to other household materials. This resulted in a group of tracks that tried to express a certain narrative; like an electroacoustic sounds theatre fantasy, close to music, but not totally music. It is in some way an animistic sound work.

I presented it in between talking parts, forming sort of a little parody, almost a homage to the para-scientific radioplays, to prepare the listening mind and orientation of the concept. I also added a little tale in order to add a language touch to the bunch of absurdity that is the edited work. The sounds were taken from the Rotterdam city environment (hostel stuff, supermarkets, streets), the WORM building (the rooms, furniture, synthesizers), and in Barcelona (houses of friends, parties, supermarkets). Really every dot has a little history.”

Locations: Jesús Brotons, Eli Gras.
Mastering: Albert Guitart

Thanks to
Lukas Simonis and the WORM/Klangendum crew for the opportunity and patience, Ramon Faura for the rhythm pattern and allowing me to record his grandma’s home objects, to Antoine Manent and Florenci Salesas for the extra ears.”