RESIDENCY: Antti Tolvi (FI) 2016

Antti Tolvi is a father, composer, sound artist and performer based in Finland. His work is exploratory and meditative, using his environment as inspiration to investigate sound.

WORM: Tell us about your work?
Antti Tolvi: I’m working pretty widely with sound; playing, composing, feeling, healing, building installations/instruments, and listening. Most of my work tries to delve deeper into sound itself. I try to feel everything and hear that as one big great harmony without having to add or take away anything.

Antti Tolvi: We were performed at WORM earlier this autumn with KEIJUT. Someone from WORM showed us the studio and I saw the ARPs (2500 / 2600) and Serge synths. It’s been my dream for a long time to be able to work with the ARP 2500.

WORM: What did you work on at the Sound Studio?
Antti Tolvi: I had a lot of ideas on what I could do before I arrived. But most of the time I found myself just listening and recording ARP 2500 droning. I want to do a record where one half is recorded in WORM with the ARP 2500, and the other somewhere else with the Buchla. Let’s see if that will happen.