The last instalment in the trilogy of Soundpiece releases by WORM Records. Soundpiece was conceived as a sound installation to be heard at limited volume in the public space of the Schouwburg Square in Rotterdam, a space covering an area of 30 by 30 metres through 32 speakers. The A-sides of these WORM records were recorded for the sound installation under the the Schouwburg Square itself.

Bastien’s work finds its place on the secant of installations / robotica / music machines on one side and sound art / jazz / improvisation on the other. His genius and instantly recognisable sound was the reason for the Rephlex label to release two albums with his music.

Entymology is a composition made with insect sounds. It turned the Schouwburg Square into a wildlife park… On the B-side: ‘Instant Music’ which is a duo improvisation with One Man Nation from Singapore.

Label: WORM.records / Wormrec 4278
Link https://underbelly.nu/product/soundpiece-entomology/