WORM+RE#SISTER in KOREA 20-22 October

Three days of exchange with Korean sound and media artists!
External Event - Thu 20 October 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:30
End → 23:30

We are very excited to announce that a small WORM / RE#SISTER delegation will co-curate the ATM event in Seoul, 20/21/22 October! Thanks to a wonderful RE#SISTER member from Korea, Mina Kim, we were invited by Arts Incubator to be their partner this year. The 3-day programme will be an exchange with Korean artists in many ways. It will involve a Live Radio workshop by our Radio WORM Co-Coordinator Ash Kilmartin. It will involve live music by Suzana Laşcu, Hyunji Jung, Tisa Neža Herlec, Henrietta Müller and Mariëtte Groot, a performance by Anne Kolbe, a WORM Pirate Bay programme and A LOT OF RE#SISTER – as there is also a RE#SISTER Korea branch in Seoul we will have many sessions together!
Last but not least, in the ATM Exhibition four video works submitted by WORM will be screened, made by Anne Kolbe.

All about 2022 ATM + WORM here.

The location for ATM 2022 is quite special: a former Oil Tank area in Seoul, now called the Oil Tank Culture Park.