UBIK Performance Night w/ ¿The Anatomy of Radical Action?

Intervention with sound, material, body and language through performance
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 19:00
End → 22:00

¿The anatomy of radical action?

¿The anatomy of radical action? is a performance that explores the space between artist, message and audience. What shifts the position of audience to public?

An audience is a group of people that receives information but does not take action in regards to the information they have received. From that audience, comes a public, which is a group of people who do choose to make a change in regards to the information or idea they were just given. In this performance, the artists will explore the work that goes into

The anatomy
The anatomy of radical action will be explored thourgh three pillars to evoke a sense of urgency from a place of interest to engage in radical action.
The perfomance is not so much about being radical but the work that goes in being radical from a human perspective.

How can language be a tool to bring people out into space of radicality? What are ways to use rhetoric in a contemporary climate as opposed to persuasion, what space does language inspired by autobiographically storytelling where vulnerability of individual experiences is embraced in order to incite empathy

Material and body through labor
How can labor become an act of radical love, solidarity, and understanding?
Through performance-based interventions, we create a space where we can engage with one another to debunk socio-political concepts that seem abstract at times of much needed global solidarity. Labor acts as a catalyst for individual effort to engage spectators as active agents and transform their position from passive audience. In this intervention the body is put to work with a chosen concept such as alienation, and the public is invited to investigate their own position in the making or disruption of such a notion, documented into tangible material form.

Sound and senses as a way to cultivate
How can sound as sense be a way to cultivate deep spiritual revolution within a person?
Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth implemented in The Universal Dances of Peace, we will experiment with chant, live music, and evocative movement into a living experience of unity and integration. We will work with the concepts and beliefs of the person imbued with the spaciousness and love as a connecting factor between the makers, audiences, and the silences that live between.

The Interdisciplinary Method
Three artists will come together with their respective disciplines, knowledge & expertise to make a new body of work centered around these questions of anatomy. In a one-day workshop, they will weave their perspectives into a new narrative by engaging in critical theory, conversation, and artistic intervention. Later, their findings and new work will be presented and explored with the viewers.

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Jody Aikman is a writer, poet and artistic researcher based in Rotterdam. She researches the silences she encounters in our language. She writes about the things whispered behind closed doors, the prevarication of family stories or the physical silences in her life, like her deceased father. Through poetry and stories Jody explores her relationship with the world, herself and all the silences in between.


Taqwa Ali

Taqwa Bn. Ali born Sudan, 1997. Is an interdisciplinary artist based in The Netherlands. In her work she employs various media ranging between painting, sculpture, and performative interventions to engage with themes of translocation and integration through materialization.
Her research based practice lies in understanding the symbolism of materials and their capacity to stitch gaps caused by translocation experiences, focusing on labor to engage the body and mind to revive lost relations between the individual and the collective, particularly within the diaspora space.


Ali Seif A.K.A the Orca Man

Currently based in Maastricht, Ali is a trained, professional musician exploring interdisciplinary art. In 2011, upon the release of the debut album with his band “Frosted Leaves” Ali Seif, aka the Orca Man, emerged as a freelance composer from the underground musical scene of Tehran. Although fiercely rooted in metal and rock genres, he gravitates towards electronic, ambient, and Persian traditional music. He has collaborated with various artists in Iran, Turkey, and UAE. Besides music Ali uses several different mediums in his performances including video edits, light effects, dance, and live painting.