Workshop - Tue 18 June 2024
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 17:30
End → 21:00

Mystery sessions are playful, participatory, community encounters for multidisciplinary improvisation, open to everyone regardless of previous experiences with performative expressions.

We work primarily with our bodies and voices, and expand our plural presence with a multitude of mediums: from movement to music with poetry towards visual arts; we are expanding our zones of comfort, learning to interact outside of the daily grids, empowering our voices, feeding our imaginations and creating collectively and generously.

The sessions are lightly composed and gently conducted by Tisa World, the working language is English, the sessions are always free.

Who is Tisa?

Tisa World is a performer (vocalist), organizer (of situations, sessions, events and concerts), composer and improviser, thinker, radio host & writer. Flowing with a swarm of fragments by the principles of multidisciplinarity, multi-tasking, omni-focus, merging totalities and abundance. In her practice, she explores the performative, emphasizing improvisation as a potent tactic when facing unpredictability and constant change; as well as collaboration – intuitive real-time creation (in front of an audience), interaction models, and tactics of dismantling fear amongst other anxieties.