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Sun 29 Nov '20 - Other

Trumpets of the Apocalypse

The Walkie Talkie Edition
Diverse locaties

Experience a new live stream with the Voluntary Fire Brigade of the Apocalypse.

The VFBA are a loose and uncontrolled collective asking questions about the continuous abuse of our planet, and the concept of an unavoidable melt-down. The idea is to be better prepared when this is at hand.  WORM has been one of their accomplices for a while, as you can see here. While the second wave is pushing us back behind our computers and into the arms of Silicon Valley, the Fire Fighters believe that it is better to be in the rain with a walkie talkie — collectively experiencing the shitty weather — than to all be in our own little box, feeling bad.
So they are organizing a different kind of stream: a multi-stream over a number of alternative distance communications like Walkie Talkies, flags, can & string telephones and smoke signals. Join in for this outdoor adventure, listen – or push to talk!

Part of the programme will also be the launch of the first issue of the VFBA magazine The Trumpet.

here is the facebook event in case you need it..

and here is the plan:

To participate in this live stream you will have to move yourself towards the Euromast Park, as we will transmit from the middle of the Park. Bring a Walkie-Talkie if you have one, or subscribe to one from the Fire Brigade. mail to: for all details. We will give you the frequency to tune in to.
Then you’re all set to go and stroll in the park!


  • There will be a corona-proof dead drop in the park, to get the Trumpet, fresh from the press!
  • Unplanned preformances will happen here and there in unexpected places. You will hear them via the walkie-talkie, a commentator will, like in a football match, inform you about every important action happening.. you cannot see them but you might bump into them. Just keep walking, take it easy and enjoy, for this is not an event.
  • And whatever you encounter in the park, you decide whether it’s art or not, real or imagined.

One of the things happening in the park will be this:

Monty Cantsin:   ) ) )  Chinese Whispers of the Apocalypse  ) ) )

.. . where the walkie-talkies will be used as filters of the COMMUNICATION APOCALYPSE by drafting core concepts and definitions for the Fire Brigade of the Apocalypse through a chain of auditory misunderstandings.

and this:

Cantos Deus: acoustic performance

The amazing trio of theologist Jacco Weener, guitarist Lukas Simonis and bassist Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva will be somewhere in the bushes, and broadcast their very own take on religion. Intrigued by the language and music of christian sects in the USA that seem to be winning grounds in Europe as well, Cantos Deus offer their answer using a different form of aesthetics… call it reli-no wave…

The Post People: Time

Tracy Hannah, Daniel Tuomey and the enigma of  walkie-talkie-time . . .

Tino: Walkie Talkie Man

The troubadour from The Hague will sing to you over the airwaves.

Anne Kolbe:

Are we Human or are we Shrubs..?

In the Trumpet:

  • Communications from the Communications Department
  • News from the Weeds Department (mapping everything that grows in our city and its use in case of Apocalypse)
  • Graphic art by Leonor Faber-Jonker and Johannes van de Weert
  • Petites annonces gratuites de particuliers et professionnels
  • and much more

NB: For safety reasons we have to put a limit to the number of participants. Please send us a mail if you want to be there, with or without walkie-talkie, so that we have your email address as back-up in case of calamities: