The Comedy Gallery #15: Open Mic!

What do we get from laughter?
Theatre - Thu 2 September 2021
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

The coolest open mic of Rotterdam is back, funnier and COVID proof! Join us on this Thurday night to enjoy an evening full of jokes, laughter and a few awkward silences. This open mic night will feature an exciting mix of new talent & experienced comedians, all from the international scene in The Netherlands. The night will be hosted by a top notch MC, to make sure you will be comfortable AF so you can laugh at all the jokes that will be fired at you. Doesn’t that sound great? So join us for a night of hilarious fun!

The entire show will be in English.

Because of social distancing, we’re offering 2 types of tickets:

Single tickets at €9,99 and double tickets at €18,98. This is to make the show available, fun and safe for everyone 🙂

Address: Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

Corona measures:

In order to have a show that is safe, responsible and takes everyone’s health into account, we will take some measures into account. Most importantly, upon entering the show you will be asked for any symptoms, as is required. And everyone will be seated. This is to make sure we follow the social distancing rules, and so we can make optimal use of the space. Because of this we also encourage you to buy tickets in groups, as that will make it a bit easier for us. We’ll make sure there will be disinfectant for everyone to use, and the mic used by the comedians will be cleaned in between sets.