The Animal Reader presents: The Pigeon Show

Broadcast - Wed 28 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 19:00
End → 20:00

Billie Savage started Pigeon Rescue NL (Stichting Stadsduiven Hulp Nederland) from her home in Amsterdam. With a group of volunteers, she rescues Dutch pigeons from ‘string foot’.

String foot is a term used to describe pigeons whose feet have become entangled with string, thread, natural or artificial human hair (most common), dental floss, yarn, or the many other materials discarded by humans. Pigeons feet get stuck together or swollen if the string is not removed.

Billie will share her rescues stories, teach the audience how they can help pigeons and show her home where she gives pigeons that can’t survive on the streets anymore a home.

Rotterdamse Duif (Rotterdam Pigeon) is an art project by Sofie Ryhiner where she people not to see pigeons as flying rats but as feathered friends. She’ll join the show to talk about her love for pigeons.

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