Soft-Bodied Humans (UK) + Skoda and Genjitsu.

Concert - Thu 23 February 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 21:00
Start → 21:30
End → 23:30

IMPORTANT Please note that due to visa issues, we can’t say for sure if Swordman Kitala will play this Thursday, the 23rd at WORM… we are really sorry about this. If you bought a ticket directly from WORM, you have full rights to a refund if you so wish. Please mail BUT: Softbodied Humans (Kitala’s sparring partner) WILL play as will local rappers, Skoda and Genjitsu.

Rising Ugandan MC Swordman Kitala makes his European debut in a tour that reunites him with UK-based collaborator Soft-Bodied Humans. Alongside friend and lyrical sparring partner MC Yallah, Swordman Kitala (real name Amanya Frank) is a core feature of Kampala’s fertile underground hip hop scene. He is a regular performer at Nyege Nyege Fest and has released internationally on labels including Hakuna Kulala, PAN and Blue Tapes.

Soft-Bodied Humans is a London-based producer who creates dub-inflected beats and structure-shaking bass out of whirring hydraulics, metallic crashes and the sampled roars of kaiju.

In 2022, the pair released their critically-acclaimed debut EP, Kaiju Kitala, on Phantom Limb. Taking a break from putting the finishing touches to a full-length LP for the label, this tour sees the duo translating their ferocious, off-kilter industrial hip-hop to the live stage for the first time. This is a show all WORM peoples should witness.

“Samples of Japanese monster films and unmatchable lyrical prowess accompany infectiously energetic instrumentals.” – The Wire

“Fuck-the-club up mid-00s grime riffs and late-00s dubstep kickdrums that gobble up all the air in the room.” – The Quietus

WORM DJ Virgil will lay down the sonic smoke.