Snackbar: SILVERBONES + L.A. SAGNE + Amy Wright

Concert - Tue 28 June 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 19:30
Start → 20:00
End → 23:30

Snackbar embraces change and transience! What to make of this aural headfuck? Who cares, come on down. Sounds from the otherground are served with the following sauces (optional): Improv, Rauw, Nieuw, Anders. We are delighted to present a smorgasbord of Highly Modern Soundz.

They tell us that they are an Andean-Futurist multi-sensory sojourn. If this isn’t frightening enough they also tell us they turn music into a hypnotic sonic dream. SILVERBONES are a fusion of Mother Earth herself: the humanoids involved hail from Bolivia, Chicago and Amsterdam. Goodness!

L.A. SAGNE are a punk band from Den Haag. Onze muziek klinkt als een mix van Amyl And The Sniffers, The Damned en The Dead Kennedy’s. Verwacht 10 songs in 20 minuten. Klaar is Kees!

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is a queer artist hailing from Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). Starting in the DIY scene a decade ago, they’ve since released albums across indie punk, rap and spoken-word. Live performances are described as emotional, powerful and unhinged. Amy will be doing a floor show so expect fireworks at CLOSE RANGE.