Seventeen Landscapes

presented by Piet Zwart Lens Based Media students
FIlm - Wed 3 April 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 17:00
End → 18:30

This one-hour programme brings together the works of seventeen artists who have found each other in the first year of the Piet Zwart Institute programme of Lens-Based Media. They are: Giorgos Achilleos, Tesse Baardman, Rodolfo Ferro, Nihal Goel, Toto Kersten, Aratrika Keshan, Tessa Langeveld, Zhuang Leng, Yana Lineva, Luca Neumann, Tom Parolin, Noura Rabbani, Bojan Salaj, Riccardo Santalucia, Jingfeng Shen, Chanwoo Song, Dominique Westphal.

We have been roaming together the landscapes of the city: its waters, our bodies, the spaces between its architectures, the pace of its streets, its future projects, its noises and its stories. Engaging with emotional and geographical landscapes we depicted their complexities in short movies of approximately three minutes. But… What is the landscape and how should we look at it? We came to understand that the word is flexible, as it does not introduce all that it hosts, nor its guests or its owners. For it to be traced and told, we need a proper gaze, if not seventeen.

Cineville valid at the door!


Where is a portal?
Aratrika Keshan, 3.07
A visual poem about gateways to other worlds.

Bojan Salaj, 2.47
About aging and passing in time of convalescence and about the will for living…

Dominique Westphal, 3.33
Lost memories come back to life through the hypnotic effect of voyeurism.

Floating, Falling, Being
Luca Neumann, 2.21
Exploring the body’s physical state and the mental state in the ‘candle’ pose.

I’m Here
Nihal Goel, 3.10
If you cover your eyes, is it still there?

Fur Fur and the watermelon
Noura Rabbani, 2.16
A fairytale of longing and resilience in occupied Palestine.

Instructions for dying (Inside an ego-death)
Giorgos Achilleos, 2.59
Can chaos be explained mathematically?

The Drone
Chanwoo Song, 3.04
Everyday we are looking for something. But what are you looking forward to the most today?

Copper Dream
Jingfeng Shen, 3.30
My father’s childhood, our country’s history and my personal situation in a new country overlapped across time and space by an approximation of a private letter.

For Seven Times We Woke Up
Riccardo Santalucia, 3.34
If you concentrate enough, you can synthesize colors just with your imagination.

Your Presence Was Canceled
Rodolfo Ferro, 3.32
A journey through a picture.

How I Started Worrying And Learned To Hear The Bomb
Yana Lineva, 3.26
The city’s landscape is repeatedly torn by a brutal sound – but is anyone awake to hear it?

a nightpiece for those who feel or felt like they were falling
Tessa Langeveld, 3.26
Three iterations of the fall of an undefined object (that might resemble a cloth, or a piece of paper) unfold to an increasingly slowed version of Chopin’s 15th Nocturne.

Little Tower
Tesse Baardman, 3.26
In The Hague stands a little tower that houses the prime minister’s office. What sounds, feelings, memories are contained within its walls?

Tom Parolin, 3.04
A dance with your shadow.

The cruise from Tallinn
Toto Kersten, 4.03
Cruising through Rotterdam, an exploration, a love story and fluid reality.

Zhuang Leng, 3.41
Parallax manipulates a fragment from the past, it is a study and an improvisational description of the idea of “forwardness”.