Sanem Kalfa, Mabe Fratti and more!

Space is the Place x WORM x North Sea Round TownT
Concert - Wed 28 June 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 19:00
Start → 19:30
End → 00:00

Amsterdam-based improv and jazz organisation Space is the Place likes authentic, honest, multidisciplinary musicians: just like WORM. North Sea Round Town’s Artist-in-focus, Sanem Kalfa, also plays this evening.


Sanem Kalfa: Televizyon  
A collaboration between WORM, North Sea Round Town and Space is the Place! A Premiere of Turkish singer and cellist Sanem Kalfa’s project Televizyon
"The music is inspired by what I listened to when I grew up. That’s Turkish pop and rock, traditional music from my father’s radio, music with European influences from Turkish films and maybe also the Sunday rituals on TV with Turkish classical music..”

Sanem Kalfa: voice / elektronics | Marta Warelis synths | Ingebrigt Håker Flaten bass | Nasim López-Palacios Navarro drums

Mabe Fratti
Celebrated Guatemalan cellist and composer Mabe Fratti returns to WORM for a full band show. A serial composer and collaborator interested in "continual sonic transformation", Fratti’s magnificent latest release, Se Ve Desde Aquí is a decisive shift away from earlier releases and “informed through the aesthetics of rawness, and a dirtiness”, using improvisation and a dry, often guitar-based sound. Not to be missed!

Trio Giuseppe Doronzo, Andy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides
The enervating and always fascinating collaboration between The Ex guitarist Andy Moor and "avant-garde Rebetika practitioner", Yannis Kyriakides can be seen once more in WORM. This time the duo are joined by baritone saxophonist and composer Giuseppe Doronzo.

Circular Bed
Circular Bed is Austėja Žvirblyte on voice and trumpet, and Jorrit Westerhof on guitar. Jorrit’s creative way of using electronics makes their music full of textures and layers, and not-so-orthodox trumpet playing brings in the organics. Adventurous improvisations turn into melodical stories and vice versa.
The overall mood is constantly slipping out of any restrictions and attempts to describe. It’s a mixture of futuristic soundscapes, heartful cries and musical hide-and-seeks.