re-childing with Ege Şahin and Mehmet Ali Simayli

Concert - Sun 26 February 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 14:30
Start → 15:00
End → 17:00

After a long break, re-childing is back with its new live radio concert format from at the foyer. This time drummer and composer Mehmet Ali Şimayli is joining Ege Şahin for musical games, exploration and discussion including the audience. Expect to hear windup toys, cymbals, guitar, glockenspiel, chants, and steel frames.

Join us LIVE in the #Wunderbar! As always, entry is FREE.

Mehmet Ali Simayli is a musician from Istanbul who works in the fields of drums, percussion, composition and improvisation in different mediums. His material shapes mainly around jazz, free improvisation and contemporary composition. Extended sonorities, standart forms, unsteady pulse, humor and traditional music are some of the tools he is interested in. Simayli’s music was described as the music of noir and combustibility on Bandcamp. He is currently living in Basel, CH and studying at the Jazzcampus, Musik-Akademie Basel.

re-childing is a 2-hour-long temporal playground in Radio WORM, where in each iteration a new guest is invited to improvise, explore, and discuss sonic issues with the host Ege Şahin. The Hague-based Ege Şahin makes avant-garde experimental ambient music falling around composition, performance, and sound art. He likes to play with various types of guitars, synths, field recordings, objects, and club bangers to make emotive sound works.