Radio WORM #266

Broadcast - Thu 26 August 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 23:00

Donderdag 26 augustus

1200 Vitamina Mina Kim presents ‘vitaminful’ (electroacoustic, eccentric, and experimental) sounds from South Korea

1300 KOSMOS KLUB with Ajay Saggar

1400 RE#SISTER Radio with Mariëtte Groot: spotlight op vrouwen in de avant garde.

1500 Tada! Plantwave with Buxusbitch

1600 Radio Orca music from the Jan Rodenburg vaults, forward in all directions

1700 Hoekboud Michael Lewis: Draai enkel vinyl en behoor tot het eclastieke geloof; uit van alles het beste en rekbaar. Play only vinyl and adhere to the eclastic faith; out of many the best and stretching it.

1800 random radio

1900 HORIZON with the Mighty Gerson & Rowan van As. Lost and found horizons within an artful and soundlike context

2000 DET Thursday An immersive journey into a wormhole of curated music, forgotten movies and ideators, guided weekly by DET aka Auryn and Ruta.