Radio WORM #168

Broadcast - Tue 4 May 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 13:00
End → 22:00

Listen HERE to Radio WORM.

Dinsdag 4 mei schedule
1200 – 1300u; Pareidolia. An exploration of music & memories with Leonor Faber-Jonker. This week: Julian Schnabel’s ‘Basquiat’ – Myth making

1300 – 1400u; Smoothieman Comes Alive. At the margins of experimental impro spiritism open source ectoplasmic. What is in de bottle of the Smoothieman? with Vincent Denieul & Lukas Simonis.

1400 – 1500u; Dr Klangendum. Radio art & beyond, with Lukas Simonis.

1500u – 1600u; Bellen met Niek plus wat Muziek. Niek Hilkmann laat zijn licht schijnen over van alles en nog wat. En floppies.

1600u – 1700u; TBA!

1700u – 1800u; Grof Folklore. Unpolished and raw sounds from all around the globe. With Robert Kroos.

1800-1900u; On Packing Light. On Packing Light explores the personal and political sentimental capacity of textiles and unpack the questions posed above, speculating the ways in which capitalism has shaped our relationship to and understanding of our personal belongings. With Lili Huston-Herterich..

1900u – 2000u; WORM Pirate Bay Radio. Paper A.S.M.R. with Floor van Meeuwen.

2000u – 2100u; MEMES. A show by Allie & Francis about memes; what do they look like, how much you should feed ’em, how can they be kept safe & warm.

2100 – 2200u; Soul Kitchen. Inspired by the world this hour is melodic food for the soul with every week an exploration of a specific theme. with Tarik Aouragh.