Queer Herbology Workshop

Workshop - Wed 22 June 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:30
End → 21:00

During the queer herbology workshop we will be working with local herbs, foraged in and around Rotterdam. We will talk about different properties and uses of those herbs and you will be preparing your own personalised herbal healing balm. In addition to that, we have created a "Do-it-yourself-care" zine with instructions and a city foraging map to take home. The zine is made in collaboration with the amazing Jake aka @weak.boy, who has created all of the artworks. The workshop is meant as space to learn, share and create 🌼

The event is free.

About me:
Latoyah Burlace(she/her).
I am a queer/activist social designer and photographer, who is currently involved in the making of "Garden of Queerdom". It is a community based herbal care project, focussed on collective forms of (self)care and healing over the individualised. These workshops are part of that project. For more info visit @gardenofqueerdom.

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Artwork by @plakplaatjes
Photography by @latoyahburlace