Queer Ecology

Art & expo - Sat 14 May 2022
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 15:00
End → 19:00

Queer Ecology
Wonder how nature can be queered? Unpack the myth of queerness as an unnatural phenomenon in nature? Bridge possibilities of non-normative intermingling worlds, theories, humans, and non-humans…
This event delves into the mystical and exciting world of Queer Ecology. Unknown to many, we will commence with streaming an introductory lecture from Canada about this concept by the academic and artist Sabine LeBel. Afterwards Lou Lou Sainsbury will talk about her interdisciplinary art practice with specific focus on listening, sensuality and transing*. Additionally their work “my hole is the place where i call myself mother” will be screened, telling the story of a singing, flaming meteorite and an alien fungus that translates the voices of trees. Lastly, designer Noam Youngrak Son will guide a creative workshop of a speculative co-creation made out of edible flesh. The audience will explore notions of race, ecology, and queerness in making an organism together.

Tickets are free and can be claimed via this LINK. See you May 14th, 15:00-18:30 @ WORM (Ubik Zaal).

Organised by Queer Co
Queer Co(llective) is a student-led collective dedicated to creating an intentional space for individuals who want to explore, learn about, and engage with all things queer and more. As a collective, we aim to value all experiences and provide a voice for all people and groups who have been silenced by society. We hope to provide: safe spaces, engagement, the bigger picture, and community.

In collaboration with Erasmus University College’s sustainability committee Sus Co.
Our events, such as workshops, academic talks and discussions or movie screenings target the different dimensions of sustainability and environmentalism within the private and public realm. We are committed to underlining the intersectionality of the climate movement justice, highlighting the connection between environmentalism, queerness, feminism and anti-racism among other topics.