PRSPCT vs Deathchant vs HKV

Club - Sat 25 September 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 18:00
End → 00:00

25-09-21! Deathchant vs PRSPCT vs HKV at WORM, Rotterdam!

September 25th the holy trinity will hit Rotterdam extra hard for a 6 hour daytime rave at WORM.

The Dutch government does not want us to rave. But fuck them cunts. We are raving anyway. And did we mention hardcore as fuck?!

From 18.00 till 00.00 Hellfish, Akira & Thrasher will be dropping all the Deathchant, HKV & PRSPCT bangers in one giant 6 hour b2b2b set. This is going to be carnage we can tell you! Vocal & visual support by MC Mike Redman & Dirty Brown Visuals.

Tickets are mega limited to just 262 tickets so grab your tickets NOW!

IMPORTANT: If you bought a ticket for a previous event they are not valid anymore: you will need to buy a new ticket to attend this event.

Remember this: these cunts can try and quarantine us, they can try get rid of of us but fuck ‘m all. They can NOT quarantine our movement. September 25th: the show goes ON!