Theatre / Performance - Sat 18 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 17:00
End → 18:00

O. Festival x WORM present Firma MES / Lindertje Mans (NL)
A one-woman poultry opera

60% of all birds on Earth are chicken. Time to take a closer look.

Lindertje: “I want to have a conversation with an animal that has always surrounded me, growing up on the countryside: the chicken. I feel like we have a lot in common: we’re both female, people sometimes laugh at us, and underestimate us sometimes: people call us chicks. At the same time I am part of a species that represses and exploits the chicken. Together with the chicken I want to explore our position. Can I speak chicken language? And what does the chicken tell me? Are we part of a multi-species sisterhood?”

Research question: Can I have a conversation with a chicken?

About O. Lab
O. Lab offers the audience a peak into the theatre makers’ rehearsal rooms. Something that is normally reserved for the select few… Artists will share their research questions. As the visitor, you are invited to watch and express your valuable opinions about prototypes and works in progress. O. Lab in WORM is one big creative space and you will be sitting in the front row as the processes unfold!

Duration 40 min
Tickets €10 // Day tickets €35
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