Nous’klaer Audio Live at WORM

Concert - Fri 3 September 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:30
Start → 21:00
End → 00:00

To celebrate the debut EP of Kems Kriol, Nous’klaer is throwing a LIVE release party. With their ever growing roster of local and international talent we present a concert night + livestream with Kems Kriol, Nadia Struiwigh, Meetsysteem (Solo), Tammo Hesselink with Sjoerd Bartlema.

There are 15 duo tickets available to attend the concerts in person for 20€. Livestream tickets are available for 3€.

Kems Kriol

Meetsysteem solo

Nadia Struiwigh

Tammo Hesselink (+ Sjoerd Batlema)