Nospray Doc: This Film Should not Exist – late screening

FIlm - Mon 30 August 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 22:00
End → 23:55

A portrait of eccentric musician Ben Wallers a.k.a. The Rebel and his country-post-punk band Country Teasers.

2 x regular presale (1 persoon)

2 x cineville (1 persoon)

8 x groepstickets (2 personen)

Voorafgaand aan de film zal WORM programmcoordinator Jan Hiddink een introductie houden over de betekenis van Country Teasers voor de mensheid. / The evening will start with an introduction by WORM programme coordinator Jan Hiddink on the meaning of Country Teasers for mankind.

The documentary follows Ben Wallers’s journey from promising pupil of one of the most exclusive schools in England to eccentric underground musician and politically incorrect, provocative lyricist: the beginnings with country-post-punk band Country Teasers in early 90s Edinburgh, the meeting with first label Crypt Records, a crazy European tour with Memphis garage-punk band the Oblivians, the relationship with his idols -Welsh band Datblygu – and his solo career as the Rebel.The film is a humorous look at the 90s alternative music scene and a reflection on life choices, art and freedom.