NOODLE BAR with Kypski & Maj Rachel & more

Noodle Bar 2024 Long Live Cables!
Concert - Sun 30 June 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 19:00
Start → 20:00
End → 23:30

WARNING! This Noodle Bar starts early

– Kypski & Hajo Krijger
– Allert Aalders
– Maj Rachel
– Ososonic
– FewMinutesWondering
– Roey Tsemah

Noodlebar programming, promoting, workshopping, playing (mostly modular) electronics since 2012. Started their first events at bBar which nowadays is an Asian noodlebar. Noodlebar hosted stages at various events and festivals and landed a long time ago at WORM where it continued it’s series -interrupted by Covid & other stuff- this year.

Music at:

Kypski & Hajo Krijger
Kypski is an Electronic Music & Sound Producer, Composer and live performer from Utrecht, Holland. Synthesizer X Turntablism = ‘Syntablism’. It’s how Kypski produces his electronic music.
Kypski & Hajo Krijger; they met at BKS last year, now frequently make music together. Kypsky; a pioneer and legend in the field of turn and synthtablism, and Hajo Krijger, who is usually called Tilburg’s biggest kept (for now) musical secret. Together this promises to be a unique set full of energy, with a lot of sneak peaks to their upcoming project with Kubus.
Video: (Kypski & Hajo Krijger on BKS) (Hajo at DRMKT)

Allert Aalders
studied sound synthesis with Ernst Bonis at the Utrecht School of Arts in the early 90’s. He was a founding member of techno act Human Beings in the mid 90’s. In the 2000’s he started as sound engineer at Utrecht’s Tivoli venue. In 2012 he founded Sonar Traffic with Ben Spaander (Cosmic Force). With over 50 mostly vintage synths this is the ultimate synth geek playground. About 11 years ago he bought his 1st 84 HP of eurorack modular and things have escalated quickly since that… Allert does mostly improvised performances on his modular. He always tries to give sounds an organic quality.

Maj Rachel
Maj Rachel is a composer, experimental singer/songwriter, sound artist, and performer of her avant-garde, cinematic music and deep-listening compositions, where she records objects as percussion, machines sounds and field recordings of the outside world, combined with composition of instruments and her voice. She recently released her debut album, ”My Shadow Was a Nun", on Rotterdam-based label Redrum Recordz.
For Noodlebar Maj Rachel will present a cinematic noise/ambience performance with vocals, modular synth, a doll, a radio and morphed sounds from the inner body. "Exploring the expression of my mental and physical inner being.”

Roey Tsemah
After 15 years of tinkering with design, technology, music and arts, he’s currently developing educational programs and workshops around synthesizers and sound art devices (ao. in WORM). This niche within product design offers a world of opportunities for creators, musicians and artists. As a performer Roey covers the field between your friendly neighbourhood EDM and Harsh Electronic noise.

Muzikant, componist en sounddesigner Edwin Willemen speelt met, en onderzoekt geluid onder de naam FewMinutesWondering. Met een mix van electronisch, analoog en digitaal geluid geeft hij zijn ideeën vorm. Soms experimenteel, soms traditioneel, maar altijd muzikaal.

His style is an exciting crossover between experimental deep atmospheric sounds and energetic rhythms, which he creates intuitively using modular synthesizers.
In worm he will do an experiment with recording and live editing the sound of a toy musical instrument being smashed. He processes this sound into a soundscape and uses it as the basis for his intuitive live set.

Curator: Dennis Verschoor with help from Mariette Groot & Fabio.