Masego Soundsystem

Club - Sat 14 August 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 20:00
End → 23:00

Unfortunately we have to bring you the news that we have to cancel the dance of next Saturday because of the COVID-19 regulations. Though we don’t know what the government policy will be after next Friday, it’s pretty clear we can’t move on with the session as a dance.

Of course we have to push Jah message and music forward, so we decided to play a seated edition with live stream straight out of WORM next Saturday! This seated edition will take place from 20.00 till 23.00 o’clock.

There are 15 double seat tickets available for the people who like to join this live stream event. We sell double tickets to make sure everybody is able to come together with a friend. The ticketsale for the seated edition starts tomorrow (Wednesday the 11th of August) at 12.00 sharp! Stay tuned.

For all the great people who already bought a ticket for the dance: be aware that the old tickets for the dance are NOT valid anymore and already refunded by WORM.

And last but not least. Of course we’ll bring the awesome Toroki crew later to Rotterdam when it’s possible to organise a real dance again.