Manifest Online: with Nikita Diakur!

Talk - Fri 27 November 2020
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 19:00
End → 20:30

Our third re-vamped online event will be on Friday, Nov 27th at 19:00 Rotterdam time, and I’m happy to have filmmaker Nikita Diakur join us live from an undisclosed location in Germany to chat about an animation he finds inspiring. Nikita has a digital sensibility, so chances are (but no guarantees) that this will be a digital evening!

Nikita Diakur was born in Moscow, graduated with his MA Animation from the Royal College of Art in London, and is now working as an in-dependent director and producer in Germany. His films UGLY and FEST received critical acclaim at film festivals around the world, including the main awards at Ottawa Animation Festival, Bristol Encounters and VIS Vienna Shorts.

His signature style is a crude and interactive approach to story, design and animation, all embracing spontaneity, randomness and error. Nikita Diakur has given talks at Playgrounds, Pictoplasma and FMX, lectured at art academies in Berlin, Weimar and Vienna, participated as a jury member in Animafest Zagreb and Linoleum Kyiv, and recently undertook residencies at Q21 and the Open Workshop.

Thank you as always to designer @Oana Clitan for our graphics!