Low G Court w/ Brother Dan & Goiz (USA) DJ Klapsalon & Doo Bop

The Low G Court presents a special Trans-Atlantic edition
Club - Thu 23 June 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 21:00
End → 01:00

Last minute fix but The Low G Court are back with another one of their own, a special Trans-Atlantic connection with 2 partners from the U.S.A., Goiz (Open Space rec.) and Brother Dan (Terrestrial Funk rec.).
A night you are looking forward to with delight, a heartfelt declaration whose effect, you feel will be highly beneficial, a place to reveal your trueself, under an attack of mass phonia.
The Low G Court has been observed from mother earth. In orbit around our blue planet a pulsing asteroid with a different atmosphere, a crisp remedy to your corporel envelop. If you have read this message than you are highly invited.

Free Entrance

Artwork by Frank Koedood