Lewsberg show 1

Concert - Wed 7 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 19:00
Start → 19:30
End → 20:30

Rotterdam’s Lewsberg have managed to carve out a distinctive place for themselves these past few years. Maybe this is down to the way the band juggles a dry, urbane wit against some decidedly populist, machine-pressed, "factory settings" rock and roll. Metaal Machine Muziek. Or the fact that they can easy make clear the connection between the poet and wreckhead in all of us. A sound that is at once apart but all-enveloping. It’s a giddy concoction.

Regardless of what they are, Lewsberg is a band of this moment and one that could be from anytime; a classic band in other words. And such bands are rare.

These are interesting shows, too; their first time as a three piece. They’ll be playing a lot of new songs that have been gestating over the last six months.

Change is constant.

Geniet ervan.

Entrance rules: This is a seated show with a maximum of 30 seats. No Testen Voor Toegang QR code is needed.