KLAUW Transgenerations

Club - Sat 9 July 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 23:00
End → 06:30

We walk on the high heels of giants, part of a long tradition of queer outlaws, witches and bitches. The present is all we have, but we wouldn’t have the now without the sweat and glitter of those who came before us.
What can we do differently and what have we decided to keep the same?

Transgenerations X, Y, Z and beyond – we can dance to the sounds of then and now. With all of those who are a part of the story. Together.

We honor all trans generations.

Hey older trans generations: we love you!
Hey trans kids: we need you!
All of those in between: we want you!

Join KLAUW when they invite the GenderBendingQueerParty on July 9th 2022 at the place where their story of transgenerations took place: WORM, Rotterdam.

Dresscode: we invite you to fuck with beauty standards from the past, present and future.