Club - Sat 2 April 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 22:00
End → 04:00

After a long absence due to the Covid pandemic, we’re back with the best musical journey from the motherland.

Jollove highlights the richness and vast scale of African music. A fresh perspective, not the traditional "curated" view. Explore new scenes that may have passed you by! Nothing but the best African music will be played at this event; so expect Afrobeats from West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Central Africa, France/UK Afrobeats and the classic Afro hits!

✓ Afrobeat

✓Afro Pop




✓Coupe Decale

✓Bongo Flava

✓UG Bax Ragga



..And more Afro music!

TICKET: €12.50 ex. service cost

This event is for 18+