Infinite Pleasure Kingsnight feat: KOSH

Club - Wed 26 April 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 23:30
End → 06:00

Infinite Pleasure returns to WORM for an unforgettable Kingsnight in the throbbing heart of the city. Better get your orange attire ready because we’re sure this night will be epic!

Our special guest will be flown in, all the way from Casablanca, Morocco, to bless us with his stellar liveset. We’re talking about one of the country’s most prolific producers, KOSH. His music delicately blends nasty acid basslines, frenetic breaks and electro beats, as well as warm infused pads and fast-paced techno. With bomb tracks on Casa Voyager and his own label Convergence getting airplay from us regularly, we are more than excited to finally have him over.

But there’s more! Margie, who has been elevating the scene in her hometown Amsterdam with her LOCH INN sessions at De School, is also coming to town and will play her raw, surprising and unapologetic sounds as she seamlessly traverses through musical genres without bounds.

And with support coming from local wizard J.Theodore (NO FRIENDS) and trusted residents KRY and Tino you are guaranteed to hear the most sophisticated and exciting underground electronix!

It goes without saying that the dance floor is a sacred place where we all can be free and where we need to respect each other! Disrespectful behaviour towards fellow music lovers during this event will not be tolerated.

See you on the dance floor!