Happy Accidents #2

Club - Sat 27 February 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 21:00
End → 22:30

WORM launches a new corona-mitigated, government-proof virtual club: Happy Accidents.

The plan is to be more than just an online substitute for what we have currently lost.

WORM wants to explore a new form of virtual club. One with live experiments, improvised jam sessions, rare and surprising equipment and unexpected collaborations. In-house in WORM’s bastion on the Boomgaardsstraat in Rotterdam.

Where genres, dreams, resources and expertise interbreed, to create something very special.

Every month WORM invites local electronic music producers and a VJ to work with what’s in their heads, and they’ve got to hand. The results are streamed from the Open City, for your pleasure.
WORM’s resources are open to each participant: whether specific requests for lights, sound, cameras, or equipment out of WORM Sound Studios. Maybe at some point, someone will want to use a projector from WORM Filmwerkplaats. The dye is not yet cast.

WORM will continue to support local artists: to enable them to play and to experiment with their peers, and earn some much needed funds along the way. That’s why these livestream events aren’t free: money goes to the artists. Trust us.

VJ: Zalán Szakács

Happy Accidents: Get involved.