E Kreado
Art & expo - Thu 28 July 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 16:00
End → 23:30

This July WORM invites Gerson Kronstadt for a week of residency exploring multimedia experiments with three days behind the scenes and an Open Day.
Join us on the 28th of July and learn more about Gerson’s process, share a drink and come to listen to some music.

E Kreado are ancient Egyptian texts dedicated to the act of creation. Even though scientists have gained an understanding of the context of the texts, they can’t be translated fully anymore. E Kreado encompasses two things that Gerson wants to explore, the idea of a creator and the idea of translation.

During the residency, Gerson will challenge the idea of the artist as a genius and a creator of “uniqueness”. Can you forget previous influences? Can you make art that is inspired only by yourself?

How do you deal with cultural clashes and blends when you are an immigrant artist? Do the easter eggs you leave need to be understood everywhere and by everyone?

Come to WORM between 16:00 and 23:30 to think on these questions together with Gerson and his guests.

Gerson Kronstadt graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2019. As an IBB alumnus with roots in Curaçao, he is inspired by everyday scenes. His work is socially and politically engaging and mixes performance, visual art, and music. Gerson’s latest exhibition “All you Can Art” is opening on the 10th of July at Kunsthal Rotterdam.

16:00-19:00: Expo opening
19:00-21:00: invited artists jamming
21:00-23:30: Dj sets