Future Electronic Music #2

Club - Sat 19 November 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 23:30
End → 06:00

Orphx (Live) (Sonic Groove / CA)
Alexis Phase (FEM / Phases)
Acidic Male (Dead Channel Rec.)
Princess-K (WORM / HDE)

FEM brings the heat back to WORM with a killer live performance by the legendary ORPHX, one of the pioneering live acts of the industrial techno scene.

Expect pulsating bass lines, syncopated beats, deep synths, noise and vocals that sit somewhere in the vastly unexplored space between shouting, rap and chanting blend with tropes of post-punk, industrial, dark synth-pop in a melting pot of dystopian music designed to make you sweat and express yourself with no limits or ego, in a room full of body energy, moving in rhythmatic unison.